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Since its founding in 2015 by suburban mother Erin Henry, Suburban Simplicity has provided an outlet for like-minded women to connect and share their methods for a serene and simple home life. It has become a trusted resource for advice on simple, modern homemaking, appearing on Oprah Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Buzzfeed, MSN and Yummly.

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  1. Sarah says

    I love that this uses tater tots. I am going to make one of these this weekend for myself to eat for breakfast next week. The kids won’t eat it, but hubby and I will.

    • Erin says

      That’s a great ideas, Sarah. We often do the same thing…make either a frittata or eggs cups and eat them throughout the week. It saves a ton of time and them we eat better, too!

  2. Pili says

    I have never tried frittatas, but I love any Italian meals. Is is possible to change sweet potatoes or any kind of potatoes for any other ingredient (no carbs) like turnips?

    Thank you for sharing with us at Sweet Inspiration party!! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Nikki Frank-Hamilton says

    Erin, this is so perfect for us! I am so happy you shared the recipe. We do a lot of breakfast for dinner as it fits all of our diets. And we love eating garden fresh salads with an omelet, but this will be my new go to recipe! Thanks!

    • Erin says

      I’m so glad you like this recipe for your whole family, Nikki. I know it’s hard to find recipes when you have dietary restrictions in the group. Enjoy!

  4. Yum Girl says

    Welcome to Yum Goggle! We are following you on all social media and hope you will follow us back. We will try our best to tag you each time we promote your posts. Kelli at YG!

    • Erin says

      Yeah, I try to cook with sweet potato more than white potatoes nowadays. Just a little bit healthier 🙂 Either way, this recipe is delicious! Thanks for coming by, Yvonne!

  5. Debbie says

    Hi Erin, I’ve not made fritata for ages. I used to make mini ones and keep them in the fridge for when anyone fancied a nibble, perfect for when the children came in from school. However I much prefer them hot and fresh.

    Love the addition of spinach in yours and have never thought to add sweet potato, so will giving that a try.


  6. Sandra says

    I could eat this twice a day everyday and not tire of it. Thank you for sharing multiple links with us at Celebrate Your Story link party. Have a wonderful week and we hope that you join us again!

    • Erin says

      Me too! It’s lite and delicious. I think we’ve done just about every flavor combination. This recipe was great with the leftover ham from our Easter brunch.

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