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  1. 5 stars
    I make this same one. Love it , I omit the onion and W. sauce. I also roll it in finely ground dried beef , amazing !

  2. I’ve made this recipe, same ingredients, but different amounts (I do put parsley with the nuts, because it looks pretty) for over 2 decades. We serve it with the little pretzel sticks…YUM!

  3. Erin, we love Bleu Cheese Cheeseballs! They are so tasty and not overwhelmingly bleu cheese flavored, for those who aren’t fans. I love that you can serve this for a get together or as a starter for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners. Sometimes you need something to tide you over while you smell the feast cooking. This is perfect.

    • Yes! Any cheese ball is a good appetizer in my book. This one is great because it’s not overwhelming on flavor. Just the right amount of blue cheese. We serve it at all our family gatherings. It’s kinda a tradition. No one can leave it alone!

    • Me too, Cathy! Well, any cheese really. Old English is totally old school…and the perfect ingredient to bring out this time of year! Let me know what you think of this recipe when you make it. I seriously can’t stop eating it!

    • Yes! Bleu cheese is amazing! We make this cheese ball every time we get together with my husband’s family. It’s gone before you know it and everyone blames everyone else for eating it all! It’s so good with a hearty cracker.

  4. What a great recipe. This would look stunning for a party centre piece, especially for New Year. I like the way the crackers can be displayed around it. You could also add crudites at well. Although I don’t know how firm the cheese would be, so maybe crudites wouldn’t work. Even so, it looks yummy!

    Sally @ Life Loving

    • Yes, it would look stunning as a centerpiece for New Year’s Eve. Crudités would be a lovely addition. We sometime eat it with carrots or celery.

  5. Oh Wow! I haven’t used the bottle of Old English cheese in forever and I LOVE it! I think this will be a nice addition to our New Years Eve line-up. THANKS for the great recipe Erin.

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