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  1. Wow, I really like your idea of checking for birthdays at the beginning of the month and buying all the gifts/cards once! Haven’t thought of that! (And I’m so bad at remembering birthdays!)

    • Little things like this make a big difference! I seem to be forgetting more and more, so tips like this help and make the rest of the month go much smoother. Thanks for stopping by, Casey!

  2. That’s a great list, Erin. I still struggle with #5, and now in the middle of a move I’m getting crazy. I hope to be able to start at the new house.

    Thank you so much for sharing it at Sweet Inspiration party!

    • It totally builds up fast. Between mail, kids papers and whatever else makes it way through the door, it’s a lot! Shredding is such a good idea because of security concerns, too.

  3. There are so many tips here that I need to implement. Especially shredding the junk mail! It lays on the counter forever until we get rid of it, and it drives me crazy! This step alone would go a long way in helping our home look and function better!

  4. Wonderful tips. I so have to have the calander thing or I get nothing done. My hubby brings in the mail and always leaves it laying around, drives me nuts! I guess I ‘ll just have to take up shredding too. lol

    • My husband brings in the mail, too, and he always needs a little reminding about the “system” we have for mail 🙂 Shredding is important for security, so think about getting one!

  5. I love this Erin! Paperwork is one of my downfalls! It was before I had kids and it hasn’t gotten any better. I need to implement the “touch once” rule. I also really love your birthday card tip here, what an amazing time saver!

    • Me too until we implemented some of these strategies after we moved last year. With four kids, there always seems to be paperwork from school that I now have a system for as well.

  6. Great tips! Junk mail is the one that always gets me…. they send so much of it!If I don’t handle it right away, it gets out of hand quickly. Love the once a month birthday card idea, that would simplify things a lot. <3

    • I know! The junk mail piles up and piles up. Touching it only once forces you to be more intentional about it! Thanks for coming by and reading the post, Lara!

  7. I recently started processing my magazines like #6. It’s so nice to have all the best tear sheets in page protectors in a binder. No more mountain of magazines on my desk!

    • Yes, magazine tend to pile up, so this tip really helps. Then you can go bak and read at your leisure. Thanks for coming by, Lorelei!

    • It was a big help when my kids were little. Now everything is gift cards…let me know how it goes! Thanks for coming by, Emma!

  8. This is a great list, Erin! I do #2 with recycling. It makes it easy to keep junk out. I need to do the birthday and gift card ones. I’m terrible about remembering birthdays until the day before.

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