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  1. The perfect to-do list for keeping my personal and business papers in order. I am very much a list person crossing them off one by one as I go. Thank you, new lists are always welcome in our house!

    • I love lists too. Keeps my on track and makes me feel productive once I cross things off! I think it’s time to go thru some paperwork in our office again…it accumlates so fast!

    • Thanks for coming by, Chellie! Sometime having a roadmap helps us be more productive and get rid of the things we don’t really need!

  2. Erin, I am so pinning this to come back to again and again, I should print it out too, several copies! I’m never sure what to save, so I save things forever. I think I have bank records for 20 years, just regular checking and savings stuff. Kinda silly! But this will really help me to clean things out, and man, all those financial records are a bit of a weight on my shoulders! LOL There are lots of things I’d love to let go of financially, this helps! Lots!

  3. I always feel lost when it comes to what papers I should and shouldn’t keep. Sometimes I end up keeping things that are unnecessary. But, other times I just feel so overwhelmed that I pitch things that I probably shouldn’t. Thanks for this guideline. I’ll make sure to use it the next time I sort through my papers. 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I was in the same position, Gina…I didn’t know what to keep, so I often kept things that were unnecessary. Good lunch with your sorting!

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