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  1. Great tips Erin, it’s always such a mad rush in the mornings to get everyone ready. My son was the worst, always late. We ended up packing him a “breakfast on the go” to eat in the car on the way to school and that helped a little. Wish I’d seen some of these tips when he was still at school though. Sharing on facebook so I can try save a few moms.

  2. These are some great tips. Those first few weeks of back to school can be extremely hectic. I loved all the tips you shared and those from other mom bloggers. This year we have an extremely busy Junior that is pushing to graduate a year early. It is an action packed year, add in her job, and so we really need to stay on top of things. Thanks.

    • I know, getting dinner on the table in 30 minutes is such a great timesaver!! I find little timesaver like this help so much. Thanks for coming by, Brianna!

  3. Erin these are great tips and a great guide for a successful start of the new school year. I can’t believe it’s that time soon…. I get my girls to prepare their bags the night before and also set the breakfast table the night before, except of course, for the fridge foods, but that helps keep things less stressful in the morning for us.

    • Those are great tips, Katrin!! I should create a checklist of things that could be done ahead of time so that parents can stay on top of things! Can I use your quote in the post as well??

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