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  1. I love this so much. I’m going to tuck this away for a great gift idea. I love being able to make something for myself or for those I love.

  2. I made the Vanilla Lavender Scrub for the first time over the weekend. I love the way it feels and smells. However, I used the coconut oil and found that the coconut smell over powers the Lavender and Vanilla. I was hoping for the Lavender scent to be the primary scent. Should I use more of the Lavender essential oils or use a different oil?. Thanks for the recipes. I can’t wait ti try more.

    • This is a bit harder to do in the winter months, Tracie. You could add a little almond or olive oil to make sure the coconut oil doesn’t harden.

  3. I made this and it’s a bit dry, to make it more creamy I would just add more coconut oil right? Can i mix with other oils?

    • Good question, Stephani. Yes, just add more oil to create the consistency you like. I think it would be okay to mix different kinds of oils for this recipe. Enjoy, Erin

  4. these scrubs are just delightful. I made the lavender mint scrub. It smells so nice and leaves your skin very soft and smooth.

    • I love hearing that you are enjoying the scrub, Cindy! Thanks for saying so! They’re so easy to make and smell amazing! The perfect way to pamper yourself.

  5. Good morning Erin;

    I love this and want to give it to my friends for gifts when they arrive. I have known them since 1974 and I am sure they would love this. I have been searching for the jar you are using here and can’t find it anywhere. I wonder if you could tell me where I might find them. I like the look of them so much more than the regular canning jars. Thanks, Erin,


  6. The vanilla/brown sugar looks good enough to eat! I imagine it smells even more tempting.
    I have always wondered why no one mentions that with the goodness of no preservatives, we do need to use home-made scrubs faster, thank you so much for covering that. (I still wonder about sticking it in the ‘frig, but better safe than sorry, I imagine)
    I literally am eating a peppermint and was thinking about doing something with peppermint, so I’m *so* excited to see the peppermint bath salts! Headed there now!!
    Thank you so much for sharing these, my fave scrub was discontinued and I have missed the heck out of them, it will be fun to try this.

    • Hi Lisa, great question. You should be able to keep your sugar scrub for a month or two without hardening. Any more time that that and it may harden or spoil since it doesn’t have any preservatives. Hope this helps! Enjoy!

  7. I’ve made this a few times now and it’s wonderful ! My skin feels so silky and smooth . I’ve experimented with other essential oil fragrances and its turned out great????

  8. What a gorgeous blog! And I can’t wait to try the recipes. What with homeschooling eight kids, I am SORELY in need of some spa time! Thanks!

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