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  1. my family and I are having pictures done Oct 1,we have me my hubby,my 2 son’s there spouce,my daughter he husband and between them we have 5 granddaughter s and 2 grandsons,most of us are blonds and3 with brown hair,.all have there own taste and one of my daughter in laws like to take and make it all hers,help.i do want my ideas,any idea of how to take control,with my ideas.

    • Hi Wanda, sounds like you have quite a few people in incorporate in your pictures at varying ages. As well as strong personalities. Perhaps, you can share your vision for the pictures, so that your ideas can be heard. Maybe say you read online about the best way to dress a family for pictures, so that they don’t think it’s just your idea. Good luck. Remember, no matter who takes control, you’ll have some lovely family photos to enjoy for years to come 🙂

  2. I have an old red barn with white trim we are having our photos in front of. There are still fall colors on the trees, and I can bring up some hay or some straw to sit on, I was thinking blue jeans, boots either cowboy or knee high boots. My daughter is almost 3 and I have jean jackets a few knit dresses and leggings for her. what color shirt would you recommend for this type of setting. I have access to many colors of tops for myself and my husband. I figured a colored tee maybe brown or black for him with a blue or green plaid flannel over top (he also has green brown or dark blue solid colors) what might your thoughts be on this setup?

    • I love the red barn! That’s going to be gorgeous and a perfect backdrop! You can really go a couple different ways for colors with that setting. Depending on what colors are in your daughter’s dress, you could definitely do navy, that’s classic and goes well with fall colors. I think depending on the green in your husband’s plaid, you could also wear that. I love the look of flannel, so If you could pick something to coordinate that for yourself, the photos would look really nice. Good luck!

  3. Ah, the endless ‘what to wear for the family photo’ debate! We’ve had our fair share of challenges along this line, but your suggestions are great ones.Thanks ERin.
    Hugs, Lynn

    • Yep! It’s always a challenge figuring out what to wear yourself, let alone the whole family. I love it when I all comes together and make a great picture, though! Thanks for stopping by, Lynn.

    • Yes! It takes a little thought to make it all come together and look good in the final picture. I love having family pictures around the house, so these tips help them look better longer 🙂

  4. You have such a beautiful family Erin! Thanks for all these tips, I like that everyone is casual yet very nicely dressed, it looks natural! Very lovely!

    • Thanks, Katrin!! You’re so sweet. You’re absolute right, I went with a casual look but made sure everyone looked good. I love the way it has a bit of a vintage look too.

  5. Fantastic tips! I always cringe when I see a family portrait and they’re all wearing black t-shirts or white button downs 🙂 I’m going to pin this to my photography board, too. I’m taking classes with the dream of becoming a pro one day and this will be a handy sheet!

    xo kristiina

    • I have that dream too…but for now it’s pictures on the blog 🙂 These tips have helped us the last couple of year take some great family photos! Hope they help you too!

  6. Such great suggestions, most I have never thought of. I especially like the one of laying out all the clothes & taking a picture first. We have a family beach vacation & I want to get a family photo, so this helps a lot!

    • Have fun on the family beach vacation…sounds wonderful! With a little planning you’ll have a wonderful photo! Thanks for coming by, Cathy!

  7. I want to have our pictures taken and these are great suggestions, all of your family photos look great. I love the colors and the patterns, and you have a beautiful family! The pops of pink keep it interesting and keeps your eye moving through the photo. LOL The dog fits right in too. Love it!

  8. I never would have thought to take a picture of all the outfits together to see how they look — brilliant!Unfortunately, we did very few family photo sessions, but I do remember one very vividly which might make a good tip. If you have a small child who absolutely loves one particular piece of clothing (and you like it, too), consider planning around that one. When my daughter was two, she wanted to wear her purple dress, I wanted to coordinate with the red one. Every.Single.Picture. of her in the red dress shows a frowning little grumpus! At the end, she put on her purple dress and the photographer caught a great happy candid. ARGH! 🙂

    • What a good suggestion, Wendy. Sometimes kids know best 🙂 I’m glad you ultimately got a good picture…and a good story out of the experience!

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