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  1. 5 stars
    Is that girl with the cookie a model? She looks so good! I tried this recipe for my kids and they love it!

  2. These are so cute (and they look delish)! What a perfect way to celebrate the holiday! Thanks so much for joining us at Share The Wealth Sunday! You always have such great posts to share!

  3. YES! I found some great gluten free sandwich cookies and I’ve been a bit obsessed with them. LOL This will amp up that obsession even more. Fourth of July food is so fun to decorate, I love the red, white and blue. And the white bark/chocolate gives you a great canvas for cool sprinkles!

    BTW, mad props to you, your images and the styling of them is so awesome. I love coming over and getting a great recipe, and your images always pull me in. And your daughter is adorable!

    • Yeah! I’m sure it’s nice to have a gluten-free option that actually tastes good. You can now decorate them and no one would know the difference πŸ™‚ Thanks for the props on my images and styling. I appreciate your kind words. xo

  4. These are so cute! My kids would love just to have Oreos in the house, and would go nuts if they saw me making these!

    • Yep! that’s what happened here, Leslie. The kids went wild when they saw I was making these. It’s a treat to have Oreos….and when they’re dipped in chocolate. wow!

  5. Erin, these are fantastic and we must be on the same wavelength. My husband ❀s OREOs but I really never buy them. This week I decided I ought to buy him some since it was the week before Father’s Day (yeah, I’m a great wife that way!). So funny that you would post this when I actually have Oreos in the house! It’s kismet. My parents are having a 4th of July party and I think I need to make these…but I will surely have to buy more Oreos before then…even though I bought a Costco sized box of them this week.
    BTW…your daughter? Adorable!

    • Oreos are only for special occasions around here. I don’t usually buy them either…only when I want to make something special. Oreo truffles or these chocolate dipped cookies. My daughter thought it was quite a treat to have them in the house…as you can see!

    • I love the way they look so festive! And so simple to make! These are usually the first thing to go at a party, so definitely a recipe to keep around!

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