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  1. Yum! I gotta pass this recipe along to my husband – he loves chocolate & peanut butter too 😉 Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday this week!

    • Thanks for stopping by Emily! My husband just love these! As I said he was even willing to make them himself so he could gobble them all up!

  2. Chocolate and peanut butter??? It doesn’t get much better than that! This sounds delicious and I am definitely going to have to make it sometime soon! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Share The Wealth Sunday!

    • They are ready in no time at all, Lisa. So when you have the craving for chocolate and peanut butter, this recipe is a go-to. Plus, you don’t need your oven 🙂

  3. This look yummy! I do love a good chocolate cookie, the hubby loves anything sweet I do believe. These do look easy to make. I am pinning for the next time we have a sweet craving and nothing in the house I can whip up some of these for the hubby.

    • They are really, really good, Linda! Once they set, they are kinda like a fudge cookie because they don’t have the flour. They were so simple to whip up and my husband was so glad we had all the ingredients on hand 🙂

  4. They look fantastic! My hubby is a huge peanut butter lover and his favorite cookie is a no bake peanut butter. I’ve never thought about adding cocoa. I will have to mix it up and see how he likes it. 🙂

    • My husband couldn’t get over how good they were, so I hope your husband likes them too! They kept so well in the fridge too. I gave some to a friend that can’t eat gluten and he fell in love 🙂

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