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    • The vanilla usually makes mine spell amazing, especially mixed with the sugar. I usually use coconut oil in mine. You could also try almond oil, which has a lovely smell.

  1. hi Erin and thanks so much for these great ideas! I am teaching a STEM class with a DIY focus and your scrubs will be perfect. Happy to share your blog address too!
    Quick question-Worried about the food coloring staining hands. Have you had any issues? Wondering if I should look for a safe colorant. Any advice would be so appreciated!

  2. Hi! I love your sugar scrub recipes. I made the pink lemonade and the vanilla lavender. Is there any way you would be willing to share you labels for the vanilla lavender like you did for the pink lemonade? Thanks!

    • Hi Debbie, the vitamin E oil is optional. It gives the scrub a little more softness and preserves it a little longer. If you don’t have any you’ll be okay, just use it up before it spoils 🙂

    • I would think most drug stores would carry Vitamin E in capsule form, then you stick a pin in it et voila, oil..

      I have loved using vitamin E oil for many years now, my kids somehow ended up with warts one year (oh the things kids pick up at school!) and our doc sent us to a dermatologist who literally took off a piece of my pointer finger with his (true story!) LASER that he said was perfectly safe to remove them.
      I was so grateful that I listened to my gut and went first – we never went back to that derm, my Pop is a huge advocate of E for his dry skin so we all rubbed vit E on and no more warts. I still look at my hands and wonder how many people are missing part of a finger! Something about E and a lot of sunshine that summer, I had two places and comparing the laser to the one I just used E on… well, that got me very much into “home remedies”!
      Sorry for the life story 🙂 I just always want to pass on good news!

  3. Just wondering if I can use regular coconut oil? I bought the liquid cooking coconut oil and wondering if that would be fine.

    • Hi Kaci, In a pinch, I’ve used liquid coconut oil. However, in general it’s best to use regular since it has all the beneficial qualities you want in a beauty product.

      • Hi Tammy, I purchase my coconut oil from several sources. Walmart has in inexpensive Organic one and recently, Costco started carrying an organic one as well. It’s large, but I cook and make crafts with it, so It’s not so bad 🙂 Amazon also has some -here’s one:

        Just make sure NOT to get a fractionated one…you’ll lose the therapeutic benefits 🙂

    • Hi Francesca, there are free printable gift tags included in the post. You just need to click the link. Let me know if you have any problems.

  4. I love DIYs like this! It is simple and very useful. I know TheBeautyInsiders website has a lot of posts like this and I love them <3

    • Hi Melissa, I use liquid coconut oil, so it’s not an issue. If you’re using solid coconut oil, you’d have to melt it a bit to be able to mix it all together. It will likely harden a bit after it’s mixed, though.

  5. Hi Erin, I tried this and it came out looking like cookie dough. I wonder if I mixed it too much. Has this ever happened to you?

    • Hi Devra, No, that’s never happened to me. I think you may be right, perhaps it was mixed too much. You are really just stirring to combine the ingredients and then leaving it alone. You used brown sugar?

  6. I made this with the exact measurements you posted, but mine came out all runny. Your’s looks nice and thick like sugar scrub is supposed to… I tried adding more brown sugar, but it didn’t make much difference. What am I missing?

    • That’s so strange, Ely. I used the exact measurements listed. I would say you’re on the right track. You can add more sugar until you reach the consistency you desire. If needed, once you add more sugar, add a teeny bit more vanilla.

    • You’ll love this scrub! The recipe makes about 1 1/2 cups. You can use it all in one container or make smaller ones. Whatever you prefer. Enjoy!

    • Mine too. My feet are dry and cracking, I am making a new flavor this week, so stay tuned! This will probably be my all-time favorite because it smells so good though.

  7. Erin, I think I would definitely have to remind myself not to lick myself after I apply this. It looks delicious. But I’m sure my skin would feel delicious after I used it. I love knowing that what I’m putting in my mouth is chemical free, and I have been paying far more attention to what I put on my skin too. What a perfect gift idea, one that the recipient will use to pamper themselves and I love giving a gift that shows that I took time and put thought into. This is perfect with the holidays right around the corner.

    • Me too, Nikki. I’ve been paying way more attention lately to what I’m putting on my body and my kids. It just makes sense…too many chemicals in our environment. I just love how simple and lovely this pampering scrub is for a DIY.

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