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    • Homemade jam is wonderful and giving it as gift is great too! I’ll have to check out your link party, Jennifer. Thanks for stopping by!

    • I can’t believe how easy it is…and it’s so good! It tastes good on everything. Vanilla Ice cream topped with a little dollop is now a favorite!

    • It is delicious. I think you should give it a try. It’s so quick to make jam this way, but a lot healthier when you don’t include all the sugar.

    • Thanks Carol! It’s one of my favorite things to make right now. With fresh berries on hand, I can’t get enough. The kids like to too, so I guess I’ll share 🙂

    • Thanks for coming by, Helen. It’s brilliant using the chia seeds…the jam thickens so quickly. I’ll come by and link up! Have a great week.

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