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  1. 4 stars
    My jam tastes awesome but it’s More runny than I anticipated. I thought it would be thick. Very good jam. Spreads like a jelly with seeds.

    • Although we’ve never used saskatoon and raspberries together, the recipe should work. Without knowing how sweet saskatoon berries are, it’s hard to say what the final flavor would be, but it’s worth giving it a try!

  2. 5 stars
    Hi Erin, just made 2 batches today of your mixed fruit jam and it was so simple, and the benefit of having it for the year it’s great.
    The only problem was I can’t print it for some reason but will ask my daughter what I’m doing wrong and of course there’s some jam for her too.
    Anyway thank you for the recipe and I will continue to watch for your projects.

    • Thanks, Fran. You’re so nice to share your jam!! It’s so nice to have it throughout the year! Let me know if you weren’t able to figure out the pricing thing!

    • Hi Natalie, yes, you can use frozen fruit. It does tend to have higher moisture, so you jam will be slightly runnier, but it will taste amazing. Enjoy!

  3. I just made this jam had a lot of fun . But I’ve noticed after 24 hrs it’s not setting up what can I do

    • Hi Tresa,

      Since this recipe doesn’t use pectin, it is a bit runnier than other recipes. However, it tastes just as good! In the future, you can cook it a little longer and see if that helps.

    • Hi Tiffany. You likely didn’t do anything wrong. Since this is a low sugar, pectin free recipe, it tends to be a little thinner than a traditional recipe with tons of sugar. You can try cooking the berries a little longer to see if that helps. Also, it thickens as it cools, so hopefully once it was in the refrigerator, it became thicker.

  4. Both these jams got me! Right in the taste buds. YUM! I need to try both versions. I’m really interested in the chia seeds, but the mixed berry combo is my favorite. Decisions, decisions! You’ve really made this hard for me! I can see this on my waffles or pancakes, and ice cream! It’s on!

    • I thought of you Nikki when I scooped it on some ice cream! Why not add a little super food yumminess to your treats 🙂 I think you should definitely try it on your pancakes and waffles!

  5. I make tons of jams & jellies in the summer, they are such a yummy treat and super fun to give as gifts through-out the year! This looks delicious! Stopping by from #FoodieFriDIY to share some love!

    • Yes, that’s why I love this recipe, Sarah. It has less sugar than most recipes call for, but still tastes amazing especially if you use fresh berries. Enjoy your jam making!

      • Hi Erin, I cannot wait to make this delicious sounding Jam !! I made fresh Cherry preserves last week and will be getting fresh peaches in August to can and to make Peach jelly. I love canning , even in our 100+ summer temps here in Phoenix !! Thanks for all the great recipies !!

        • Thanks, Scarlet! I love making jam and preserves to enjoy all year long. Your cherry preserves sound great! We just picked 50 lbs of peaches off to preserve those! Stay cool!

  6. So jealous. It is to hot here in South FLorida to grow a good batch of berries. My dad always use to make grape jelly every September in NY. It is a process that holds some great family memories for me. Maybe I will try your canning directions on a orange marmalade? I always wanted to give canning a try. Thanks for the inspiration.

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