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  1. Thank you for the idea! Just made this for late Christmas gifts.. I filled 45 1/2 pint jars. I used the following:

    128 oz plus 4c of Walmart brand epsom salt
    64 oz (20c) Walmart powdered milk in the bag
    140 Peppermint tea bags, opened and emptied
    3 drops peppermint essential oil in each jar

    I love it! Thank you!!

  2. Thank you for the lovely idea. Can I use glycerin oil instead of milk .also, different aromas like lavender etc… .I will try the recipe. Thank you

  3. If I replaced the milk for oats would this work or have same effect? I don’t have any powdered milk, thanks.

  4. A question about the Peppermint Foot Soak. After soaking you feet for 15-20 minutes, do you rinse it off, when you’re finished?

  5. If I follow the recipe I would need 12 ounces of peppermint tea for the amount of gifts I’m looking to make. You say we can use either, or on the peppermint oil or tea. So what would you do when making such a large batch? I saw where you said to open 1 or 2 tea bags for one batch, so could I just use 12-24 tea bags?

    • If you’re making a large batch, it’s up to you. You’ll need about 10-15 drops per batch if you use the oil or at least a tea bag per batch. I’m not sure which would be more economical.

  6. Is there any store that would sell peppermint essential oil? (Need an idea for tomorrow so don’t have much time to get ingredients . . .) Or would peppermint-flavored oil (like for candy) work?

    • Hi Becca, In a pinch, you could use peppermint extract or oil. It will have the scent, but none of the therapeutic benefits of the essentials oils. Best, Erin

    • Hi Nicole, I used the generic powdered milk from Walmart. Any plain powdered milk will do. Hope your Foot Soak turns out wonderful 🙂

  7. Hi! I’m so excited to give these as gifts this year for Christmas!! Question: How far in advance can I make them prior to Christmas? I don’t want them to “spoil,” although I’m not sure this is possible. Thanks!!

    • Hi Leya, Good question. As long as your mixture is sealed in a jar, you’d be fine making it now. They would be okay for a couple months or more, there really is nothing that will go bad in the ingredients 🙂 Have fun!

  8. This is the perfect Christmas gift for me! LOL It will be the best gift for my daughter too. She goes to school all day and works most evenings, she really needs a bit of pampering and we like to use all natural products! I am going to whip up some of this for her, perhaps she’ll even share it with mom!

    • If you’re lucky you’ll get her to share! It’s so easy, you could definitely make this one yourself. I love to pamper myself and this is a good way to do it!

    • Yes! A totally great way to pamper those tired feet! It has so many benefits that it’s worth the pennies you’ll spend to make it! The printable makes it easy if you want to give it as a gift!

  9. It’s that time of year to start thinking and preparing holiday gifts again and this would make an awesome gift!It looks pretty, I bet it smells so fresh and must be like a mini spa for my tired feet at night! I’d love to give this a try!!

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