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  1. Hi there; just made your toffee and I think I overcooked it . I had a thermometer in there but when it reached 300, it moved a little, causing the needle to go under the 300 mark. I straightened it back up and it immediately got to 300 again . It’s really dark almost like chocolate dark and the bottom of the pot is burned. Is this normal or did I over cook it? Thank you.

    • Hi Jean,

      Bummer! It does sound like you overcooked it. The sweet spot of the caramel is to get it just to the smoke point, and take it off the heat so it doesn’t burn. You are looking for it to become a dark amber color – that’s how you know it’s done. If the pan is burned, the toffee is likely burned, too.

  2. 5 stars
    Heavenly! This recipe was SO easy to make! I used Hershey’s chocolate candy bars for the top. It’s so rich and crunchy and buttery! Thank you so much for this recipe! It was hard giving them away as Christmas gifts!

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