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  1. I gave my boys every single option on this list but they called it all BS. Do you have any other options that 14 and 15-year-old boys would like besides videogames?

  2. I noticed that over half if this list is activity that lasts maybe 2 hours or less a few could be an all day activity but how do you keep your kids entertained for an entire summer on this list without it being redundant

    • I would suggest they do something project based to keep them busy during the summer. Either a job or volunteering are good options. Best of luck, Mary!

  3. u should add reading this list to it bc means my friends were entertained just by reading the list we didn’t do any of the ideas

  4. Me and my dad got into a fight and we want to each make a list of 20 things that we can do with each other. This article really helped, Thanks soooooo much. So, I used some of the ideas from your page and we had a whole bunch of fun. And I am super glad that I hoped on this website and no other website. Thanks Again!!!

  5. Thanks, I really needed this article. I have an only child, a son who is a home body and only wants to play video games. I have to find other activities for him and there are some good ones on this list.

  6. It sounds like these would be fun but is their any crafty ideas like how to make slime or stress balls or something?

  7. i think you should add
    ”doing buzzfeed quizzes” because they are super fun and you can waste so much time on them

    • I’m glad you think there are some fun ideas here, Jess. Yes, some of them require additional things, but hopefully you found something to keep you entertained 🙂

  8. I did almost all of this stuff and most of them have to deal with driving and I am a preteen!!!????????????????

    • Yes, it would be a challenge to do some of these suggestions if you don’t have a car! Hopefully you had fun with some of the other activities 🙂

  9. Great article.
    I do find it amusing how there’s a link to instructions on how to paint your nails, but not hot to make a toe ring, or an earring holder out of a branch! ????
    Thanks for the ideas!

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