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  1. BK says

    Hi! The texture in the jars a day later is quite solid and firm. It’s not the consistency I was expecting. Is that the texture you expect?

    • Erin says

      Hi! So I use the solid coconut oil, so it does solidify a little when it cools. A couple things you can do.

      I don’t know what your climate is like in winter, but the scrub will solidify in colder climates. It should soften a bit when you take it out and let it sit in your hands for a moment. Your body heat will soften the oil.

      The other thing you can do is use a little more oil so the consistency is a bit more soft.
      I hope these tips help!

  2. Brandi Moreton says

    What was the size of the container you used so that I can do the math for several containers for party favors?

  3. Arlene says

    I would like to know how much Lavender Oil is used in the Lavender Mint Sugar scrub. It says how much of the Mint, but does not say on the Lavender.

    • Erin says

      Hi Arlene, good question! When I updated the recipe card for this DIY, it didn’t capture all the info! It does say it above, but I’ve updated the recipe to say it as well. 5 drops peppermint and 15 drops lavender. If you prefer one scent over another, you can adjust them accordingly.

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