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  1. Great ideas! We do freeze some and bake some but my kids mostly get hard candies or sugary (not chocolate) candies so the last few years we’ve started using our candies for science experiments. We try dissolving some in water and try to guess which ones will dissolve first. We try microwaving different candies to see what happens with added heat. We run sink/float experiments. Many candies have baking soda inside (especially if they say sour) or as a coating and it’s fun to try dropping them in vinegar and watching the mini volcano like explosions.

    • I love it! What clever ideas to get rid of your candy besides eating it! I love that it makes the kids think and engage their brain. I’m sure these memories will stay with them a lifetime.

  2. Great ideas! The kids love it but it can be overwhelming. We never know how many to expect here even so we end up with more candy than we can handle. We have froze it before and it works great!

    • It can be overwhelming when all the candy comes home! I think there is too much candy around that time, so these tips help get some of it out of the house!

  3. Hi Erin!
    Oh, I really like the candy fairy idea! That is a really fun idea. I am definitely going to put some of these ideas into practice because we have way too much candy leftover from Halloween. Thanks for the ideas!

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