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  1. Thanks for these tips Erin! I would add just one more thing – don’t try to save money on your mattress (buy the best you can afford). I think it’s not an unimportant thing for a good sleep. -Sam

  2. Erin, I try to take a warm bath each night before bed, then I watch TV for an hour or so. I know that it takes me longer to fall asleep, but this is the only time I have when everyone else is asleep and I get to watch what I want! LOL There are nights when I still have problems falling asleep though, I’m going to try some lavender oil on our sheets, that sounds lovely.

    • A bath before bed, especially in winter is the best! I hear ya. Watching what your want without sharing the remote is priceless! Try to lavender oil on your sheets and see if it helps.

  3. Great tips Erin! I have a hard time sleeping most nights, my mind won’t shut down. Things just keep spinning in my head. I will definitely have to give #7 a try. I don’t have caffeine every day, and I have learned that I can’t have it in the afternoon at all, or I can’t sleep. It’s funny the hubby can have a cup of coffee then go lay down and go right to sleep. I might just try the graham crackers and milk too, Yum!

    • My hubby is the same way. He can drink coffee and then fall right asleep, it’s crazy! I’ve learned the electronics need to go away before bed other wise my mind keeps thinking about things and it’s hard to relax!

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