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    • Good question. You don’t have to add any protein if you don’t want to or don’t have any. Otherwise, you could add milk, which has some protein.

    • Great question, Alice. Depending on what type of protein you use and add-ins you include, the calorie count can differ. With the protein powder I use, almond milk, etc. It’s about 320-350.

  1. Hi Erin!
    Just stopping by to say Congratulations! You’re featured at From the Archives Friday this week! Thanks for joining our party each week, loving all your posts!!

  2. What is the calorie count on this shake? My husband and I are changing our eating style. We’re doing a metabolism boosting diet and he’s eating 350 calories 5 times a day. And I’m at 240 calories X 5 meals a day.

    • Good question, Jennifer. If you’re limiting your calories, you’d have to make this without some of the ad-ins. With the protein powder and 8 oz of almond milk I use, plus the cocoa powder, that’s about 290 calories. I like to add a little good fat in the form of avocado or almond butter, so that would add to the calorie count depending on how much you put in. I find I’m more satiated and become less hungry if I add a little fat.

  3. I’m a huge smoothie/shake fan! I love them! Chocolate is my favorite of course 😉 Thanks so much for sharing with us at Savoring Saturdays linky party! Have a great rest of the week.

  4. I love this! I used to have a protein shake everyday, then I realized that I was gluten intolerant. I didn’t even think to look around for gluten free protein powders! You’ve made my day! And this shake is packed with all kinds of flavor and goodness, pinning! Thanks!

  5. Yummy! These look good. I haven’t thought of using cocoa in my smoothies, I will have to try that, and I just bought some chia seeds today, I already have flax seed, and protein powder. And the hubby bought me a new single serving Nutri Ninja blender today. I’m all set.

  6. This sounds so good. I used to make a smoothie with almond butter every morning, I used to get through giant tubs of the stuff! You’ve inspired me to get making chocolatey almondy smoothies again!

  7. I love to make smoothies too so I couldn’t resist hopping over from Lou Lou Girls to see your yummy healthy recipe! I can’t wait to make this! I am currently using Orgain’s Organic Protein Powder in my smoothies! Great tips! I’m pinning and sharing.

    • Thanks for popping over, Deborah! I start most mornings with a shake like this…so good and keeps me full ’til lunch! Thanks for the pi, too!

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