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  1. Rebecca says

    I stuck dryer sheets between every 10th item (or so) of clothing in the boxes I packed when I moved overseas, because I knew they’d be on the boat and in storage for a few months. They seriously helped prevent the musty smell they’d have had otherwise!
    Another easy idea is to put a couple drops of essential oil (lavender, etc) on a cotton ball and stick it somewhere hidden in your closet too 🙂

  2. Catherine says

    Thanks. Great post! One tip I have is if you are using cedar blocks in the closet, every few months take some simple sandpaper to the surface of them to rejuvenate the fresh smell. Works wonders and makes those blocks last longer.

  3. Crystal says

    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful tips for organizing the closet. I have decided that all Linen closets are the devil because of my daily struggle to maintain some sense of organization in there. I am so hoping to use some of these tips soon!

  4. Kim says

    I never thought of dryer sheets for odor control. I’ve just decluttered two clothes closets (five bags of clothing gone!) and want to keep these well organized.

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