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  1. Wow Erin, a cookie dough crust is not something I’ve ever heard of but sounds amazing. Our neighbor just brought over some freshly picked blackberries yesterday. I know what I’ll be baking tomorrow! Pinning now.

    Thanks! Erin

    • Thanks for stopping by, Erin. This recipe would be wonderful with blackberries, or our other favorite, peaches! Enjoy and let me know what how yours turns out!

    • It’s seriously good! When summertime berries come into season, it’s the first thing I make! We just picked several pounds last weekend, so plenty to make a cobbler!!

  2. Now that’s a blueberry cobbler! Can’t wait to make this over the weekend! I’m featuring your recipe tomorrow night at our Best of the Weekend Link Party. Thanks so much for such a tasty treat and for linking up with us 🙂

  3. Erin, you know we love blueberry cobbler at our house. I make it often in the crockpot with a gluten free cake mix. But this looks so good, I am definitely going to try it with the sugar cookie batter the next time we make it. I loved the sugar cookie cups that we made from your suggestion, they really made the dessert extra special, so I know that this is going to be extra special scrumptious!

    • An easy crockpot version is great too! Topping with cookie dough does make it extra special. I love the sugar cookie cups too…but I think I like this cobbler just a teeny bit more! 🙂

  4. Wow, reading this has made me sooo hungry! This looks just like my type of dessert. I have blackberries growing in our garden so I may try this recipe with those instead. Thanks for sharing x

    • This recipe is so versatile. You can make it with just about any fruit, you just reduce the amount of sugar in the filling just a bit to compensate for the sweet cookie dough on top!!

  5. Yes yes yes!!!! This looks so yummy!I don’t have any blueberries on hand right now. But, this would be my favorite way to eat a blueberry cobbler. Cookie dough crust sounds like heaven in a bowl! Ah! I can’t wait to try it! Pinning for later!

  6. This sounds delicious! a cookie dough crust sounds very rich and indulgent. Pinning to make for the next family get together. Thanks for sharing

    • It’s amazing!! I cut the sugar a bit to compensate for the sweetness of the cookie dough. It will be perfect for your next family get together!

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