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  1. Wow! I had no idea! This is really cool. With the zika virus this year the mosquito repellent alone is enough reason to stock up on lemon oil! I can’t believe it takes so many lemons to make a bottle, we may run out of lemons this year! LOL I’m going to buy ahead! xx

    • There is so much you could do with lemon oil, you should run out and stock up:) My allergies have been crazy bad this year, so I have been diffusing it to see if that helps.

  2. Interesting facts! I haven’t heard about the allergy and hay fever benefits. I just pinned it.Thanks for partying with us on Thursdays! Hope to see you this coming Thursday again!

    • I love cleaning with lemon oil. Lately I’ve been diffusing a lemon, peppermint blend for my seasonal allergies. Seems to be helping.

  3. I’m using lemon essential oil at home – and I love for all the great reasons you listed. I had no idea that it was a stain remover as well!

  4. Hi Erin! I love lemons, I love lemon water as well, I have never tried lemon essential oil though! I will now! It’s amazing how good it is, you’re right! I love the smell as well. Thank you for stopping by and linking up at Sweet Inspiration #1 today! I’m so happy you did!

    • So happy to party at your place 🙂 Lemon essential oil is so much more potent than just fresh lemons, you should definitely give it a try! Have a wonderful weekend!

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