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  1. I have never made hummus at home. I know that sounds crazy, my daughter loves it and we always have it in the fridge but we’ve never made it ourselves. I have been seeing so many great recipes with chickpeas and they have so many healthy attributes I really need to get on the Chickpea bandwagon. An easy way to start would be with your hummus. Thanks for sharing your recipe and your techniques I am definitely going to try this.

    • I bough hummus for years, not realizing how easy it is to make and how much better it tastes! I love that I can customize the flavor too! Roasted red pepper is one of my favs!

  2. Pinning and printing this, we are loving all the different variations of hummus in my house. It’s been a new treat for us. Thanks for joining us at the DI & DI Link Party, we loved having you!

    • Yeah for hummus! It so healthy and delicious….and you’re right there are about a zillion different flavors to consider for it!

    • Ahh, thanks Melissa! It’s super easy and tastes so good with any cracker, chip or veggie. We love it on fresh cucumber from the garden.

    • Yay! Give it a try. It’s so much better than fatty dips and has such amazing flavor…I’m sure you’ll like it with whatever you like to dip with!

        • I think it tastes way better than store bought. So fresh and creamy. Plus, you can customize it with whatever your family likes! I think it’s cheaper too.

  3. Excellent! Thank you! I’ve been looking for a good dip to make. I made guacamole a few weeks ago and it was so bad! I’ll give this a whirl! Thank you!

    • Oh, no….sorry your guacamole didn’t turn out. This will defiantly work…give it a try. Chips and hummus dip and good anytime!

  4. I’ve never tried making hummus but you make it sound so easy and delicious. Please help though, I have no idea what tahini is? Sorry if it’s a silly question, but I’m not a very clever cook and all your recipes sound so yummy, I’d really like to try them out.

      • Good question, Horace! It’s a sesame paste. It’s easy to purchase here in the NW, so hopefully it is where you are too 🙂 Trader Joe’s has a great one if there is one of those near you.

    • It’s so easy and tasty! Tahini is a sesame seed paste. They sell it at Trader Joe’s and most grocery stores in the specialty section. You can make your own, but that would take too long 🙂

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