Serve an easy  Spooky Spider Cheese Ball Recipe for Halloween. Perfect for adding a touch of frightful fun to your Halloween party table. A great Halloween food idea!


cream cheese cheddar cheese green onions Worcestershire sauce, spices poppy seeds, pretzels, olives


Mix cream cheese until smooth. Combine it with cheddar cheese and other cheeseball ingredients until well combined.

Shape ½ cup of cheese mixture into a ball for the spider head. Shape the remaining mixture into a round spider body.

Roll cheese balls in poppy seeds to create the textured appearance of the spider's head and body.

Place two sliced olives on the head to form eyes on your Halloween appetizer.

Attach legs by breaking pretzel sticks in half and inserting in body. Use reserved cheese mixture to attach the other piece of pretzel. Repeat for each leg and serve your Spider Cheeseball!

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