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  1. Kris says

    Chicken nice and tender!! Good flavor in glaze…best served with the extra glaze…chicken had such a beautiful brown to it….used frozen green beans wo der if fresh would work..I love green beans!!

  2. Leah says

    My husband and I just got done with this and oh my gosh, it was wonderful. It was everything I love. Flavorful, easy, pretty to look at, and the cleanup was next to nothing. I was so proud of it! I was afraid it would all taste the same, but it didn’t at all.
    I mixed the glaze in a Ziploc baggie for one less dish to wash. I know, lazy–but it worked out great for drizzling on the chicken with no risk of cross contamination. I realized after I had begun that I was out of oregano AND thyme, I substituted with Italian seasoning and it was still so tasty, I don’t think it hurt a bit.
    Do you think it would work to mix up bigger batch of glaze, then separate it into smaller bags and freeze it? I’m *no* chef, so I don’t know if that would alter the chemistry or anything. It’s so versatile though, it would be awesome to have that part done and then change up the meats and veggies. Anyways, I loved this recipe and it will definitely be a regular in our home from now on. Thank you!!

    • Erin says

      I LOVE to hear this, Leah. I’m so glad you both enjoyed the recipe and that clean up was a breeze! I love your hack about the plastic bag…maybe I’ll had it to the tips so that others can use it too!

      As for mixing up the glaze and freezing it, I totally think that can be done. I’m all for making things simple.

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