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  1. Erin, what a great idea! I know I get “stuck” on what to make for dinner, these options all look so good, and having someone else plan our menu is the best! Thanks.

  2. Why oh why do I read these when I’m trapped at work!!! Ok…this time I’m thinking outside the box. First, I will have some cod for an appetizer. I will wrap the pot roast in a lettuce wrap, have some sticky finger pasta on the side, a sweet potato rosemary roll with a sparkling cider sangria to drink! I’m ready for next week now, Erin!!! (hahah) Have a great rest of your day! 🙂

    • Wow! You’d be full after that meal! I like your idea of wrapping the pot roast in a lettuce wrap, though 🙂 How good do the sweet potato rolls sound??? Have a great week, Mike!

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