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Ultimate Checklist of Pantry Essentials

The Ultimate Checklist of Pantry Essentials for an organized and efficient kitchen! You’ll have everything you need for healthy, home-cooked meals!


Ultimate Checklist of Pantry Essentials

Ultimate Checklist of Pantry Essentials

It’s always nice to be able to make a home-cooked meal instead of plain old noodles or take out….well unless you want noodles of course 🙂   Here’s a checklist of the staples to have on hand in your pantry so when you do want to cook you have the essentials.

You may need to add a special ingredient or some chicken, fish or beef, but this list will certainly make it much quicker and easier to get in and out of the grocery store because you have what you need in your well-stocked pantry!

We’ve also got a guide on How to Stock Your Pantry for Back to School [1] as well! 

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To get the most out of your grocery budget, you’ll definitely need to know What Food to Buy Where [3]. And you definitely need to know the 30 Best Recipes Using Pantry Staples [4]!

Click Here for A Printable Checklist of Pantry Essentials [5]

How to Stock Your Pantry with Essentials

You definitely want to print out the list so you can check these items off when you do an inventory or head to the store. Better yet, print it and tape it to your cupboard or pantry door to reference whenever you’re heading to the store.

Basics – Oils, Vinegars, and Condiments

These are the backbone of many recipes and can make anything from salad dressings and marinades to roasted vegetables [6]


Featured Recipe: Strawberry Balsamic Flatbread [9]

Strawberry Balsamic Flatbread is an easy recipe with lots of sweet and savory flavors. The perfect summer appetizer or snack! [9]



Featured Recipe: Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies [11]

5 Chocolate Chip Cookies stacked together [11]

The Sweet Stuff

Having these sweeteners on hand makes it easy to bake any creation. 


Featured Recipe: Saltine Toffee [12]

The buttery goodness of Saltine Toffee is irresistible. This candy recipe is so simple, yet so delicious. Try it and see how fast it disappears - it's kinda addictive! [12]



Rice and Grains

The long shelf life of these pantry staples makes them perfect to buy in bulk at stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. 


Featured Recipe: Crock Pot Vegetable Lasagna [14]

Packed with vegetables and creamy cheese, this easy Crock Pot Vegetable Lasagna is a crowd-pleaser. Choose your favorite combination of vegetables and make this today. [14]

Snacks and Cereals

With these basics on hand, you’ll always have a snack for yourself or the kids. 


Featured Recipe: Easy Oatmeal Bars [15]

Baked Oatmeal Bars next to a bowl of honey with a glass of milk in the background. [15]

Canned Goods

Canned goods are also great to buy in bulk and are perfect when making healthy meals for your family [16]


Featured Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper and Artichoke Dip [17]

Roasted Red Pepper and Artichoke Dip recipe [17]

Herbs and Spices

These are the basic spices you’ll use over and over again–both in your savory and sweet recipes. 


Featured Recipe: Healthy Crock Pot Turkey Chili [18]

Crockpot Turkey Chili in a bowl topped with sliced jalapeño and cilantro. [18]


These staples will have to be purchased more often but can make so many flavorful and delicious recipes. 


Featured Recipe: Instant Pot Lemon Chicken [19]

Instant Pot Lemon Chicken with lemon wedges for garnish. [19]

Grab your printable checklist here.  [5]


17 Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

Updated with enhanced information and recipes on 12/31/19. 

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