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Ultimate Back To School Tips

These Back To School Tips give you EVERYTHING you need in one place! Advice, organization ideas, tips + tricks, recipes, and more for your best school year ever!

These Ultimate Back To School Tips give you EVERYTHING you need in one place! Organization, tips + tricks, recipes and more for your best school year ever!

Ultimate Back To School Tips

It’s that time, the days are getting shorter and there’s a slight chill to the air. As the first day of school gets closer it’s time to push the reset button and get organized to set the whole family up for success. I’ve scoured the internet for the best advice out there on how to get…and stay organized when it comes to back to school!

I needed it!

This year let’s create a fresh start with these Ultimate Back To School Tips and get those systems in place that are sure to make the rest of the school year be smooth sailing.

Back To School Advice

Not only did I search the Internet for the best ideas, I asked some savvy mom bloggers for their BEST tips with helping their families with back to school organization. Here’s what they had to say:

Stephanie - Somewhat SimpleStephanie, founder and content creator of the Somewhat Simple [1] blog is an extremely busy mom of 5 that seems to have it down. Here’s her best tip for Back to School:

Years ago I made these School Days File Boxes [2] for each of my kids. When they come home with papers and projects I want to hang on to, I now have an organized place to put them!


jenny_melroseJenny, a former school teacher, who blogs at The NY Melrose Family [3] is a super productive mom of two. Here’s her best tip for Back to School:

Create a family command center where you keep track of everything – from schedules to homework to notes that need go back to school signed. I would highly recommend keeping the backpacks there as well. This way they are easily accessible so that backpacks can be checked and cleaned out each day. Once school starts, I always get back to meal planning on a stricter schedule too. We use this free meal planning printable [4] to keep us in check for the school year.

Chellie - Art from my Table Chellie, author of Art From My Table, recipe developer, and photographer is a thoughtful mom of 4, who blogs at Art from My Table [5]. Her best tip for Back to School is:

Get the kids involved! Teach your kids how to make their own (healthy, balanced) lunch. They love doing it and it teaches them responsibility that lasts a lifetime.

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Back to School Tips +Tricks

Kid-Approved Snacks [7] – healthy and delicious snack ideas kids love.

31 Best School Lunch Ideas for Kids [8] – These clever ideas make you think beyond the sandwich!

Easy Weeknight Meals in Your Crockpot [9]  – Putting dinner on the table in record time is no simple task. These easy family-friendly meals help get the job done!

30 Minute Meals [10] – Easy, delicious, and affordable meals that take 30 minutes or less! Bam!

Printable Lunchbox Notes [11] – the cutest little notes you can slip into your youngster’s lunchbox.

Breakfast Simplified [12] – Healthy make-ahead breakfasts. These can be stored either in the fridge or the freezer, making the morning routine just a little easier.

How Moms Can Create A Morning Routine That Works [13] – Gain control over your day and create a morning routine that truly works for you and your family.

Reducing Homework Stress [14] – Reducing homework stress can totally turn homework into a positive experience, plus it teaches your child skills they can use for a lifetime.

55 Best Back to School Articles for Parents [15] – Popular list of the best articles with all the things parents think about at the back-to-school time.

My Kids Pack Their Own Lunches and Why Yours Should Too [16] – Kids need the responsibility to feel a sense of accomplishment. This is the perfect way to help them.

25 Ways to Save Money Throughout the Year [17] – Easy ways you can conserve money and save for the things you want.

What to Do While Waiting to Pick the Kids Up From School [18] – Don’t waste that valuable time. Try these tips!

General Back to School Organization

20 Amazing DIYs for Back-to-School [19] –  If you feel like being crafty this list of 20 DIYs is pretty, and I mean PRETTY, inspiring!

Printable Backpack Checklist [20]  – Attach this handy list to your kiddos backpack and nothing will be forgotten!

Kids’ Morning, Bedtime and Ready-for-School Printables [21] – Help your kids start the year off right with these FREE printables that keep them organized with cute visuals.

Closet Organizer [22] – This handy tutorial shows you how to make a closet organizer that creates a spot for your child’s clothes every day of the week.

Household Organization Tips [23] – These tips are simple, but make a big impact on keeping your family organized and efficient.

Organize School Supplies

School Supply Organizer [24] – Have school supplies organized and easily accessible to make homework time a cinch!

Lazy Susan Homework Caddy [25] – Having all the supplies your child needs in one place when it’s time to do homework and dinner needs to be on the table is priceless.

Here are some super cool DIYs the kids can do with their school supplies!

How to Stay Healthy for Back to School

How to Keep Kids Healthy [26] – Some simple tips can go a long way in keeping the youngsters from getting sick and keeping the family healthy too.

Healthy Foods for Kids [27] – Serve up these colorful, tasty, nutrient-packed superfoods to keep the kids healthy and happy this school year!

Back-to-School Essentials

Kid-Sized Volume Limited Headphones [28]

Fun and Functional Backpacks [29]

Lunch Box Essentials [30]

Portable Chargers [31]

Calculators [32]

Creative Art Supplies [33]

Water Bottles [34]

Back to School Organization - Post-It Notes in binder

Phew! There’s a lot of information packed into these Back to School Tips! What is your best back to school tips or challenges? How do you keep the family organized? Let me know!