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Thrive at Five Weekly Meal Plan #14

Thrive at Five Weekly Meal Plan #14 is your shortcut to fresh and tasty recipe ideas your family will love! Let’s get cooking!

Thrive at Five Weekly Meal Plan #14 is your shortcut to fresh and tasty dinner recipe ideas your family will love! Let’s get cooking!

Weekly Meal Plan #14

We all know how crazy life can be and who has time to search and search for delicious, family friendly recipes! Let us take care of “what’s for dinner”! These amazing meals are sure to please your whole family and take the pressure off of you!

If you’ve been following along and family meal planning with us, then welcome back! Nice to see you. If this is your first visit, then we’re so glad you’re here! Every Friday we post a new delicious meal plan that provides you 5 recipe ideas for dinner and 2 “extras” like dessert or sides.

Let’s get started!


Swedish Meatballs [1]

Weekly Meal Plan #14 [1]


Instant Turkey Chili {with Butternut Squash} [2]

Weekly Meal Plan #14 [2]


Pepperoni and Vegetable Frittata [3]

Weekly Meal Plan #14 [3]



Chicken and Mushroom Pesto Pasta [4]

Weekly Meal Plan #14 [4]


Citrus Chicken Soup [5]

Weekly meal Plan #14 [5]



Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake [6]

Weekly Meal plan #14 [6]

Easy Homemade Hummus [7]

EASY Homemade Hummus appetizer [7]

These wonderful recipes are brought to you by the following talented cooks:

Weekly Meal Plan

Now that you know what’s on the menu this week with your weekly meal plan #14, grab a cup of coffee or tea (my fav) and get that grocery list written out! Feel free to switch these recipes around to whatever night fits your schedule!

If you want some meal planning inspiration, here are all the past recipes [8].

See you ya’ll next week! ?

If you missed it, here’s last week’s meal plan [9]. It has some super tasty recipes…including amazing mac & cheese bites that are to die for!

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