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The Secrets to Amazing Sleep

Come learn The Secrets to Amazing Sleep! This list has the help you need to fall asleep more easily and wake rested and refreshed! #7 is a game changer!

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Come learn The Secrets to Amazing Sleep! This list has the help you need to fall asleep more easily and wake rested and refreshed! #7 is a game changer!

The Secrets to Amazing Sleep

Life is tiring. Believe me I know. Us moms are running from one thing to the next and by the end of the day, we’re exhausted. However, I’m a true believer in a good nights rest to be ready to take on the next day. We need energy to wrangle kids and be the CEO of our households! Try these Secrets to Amazing Sleep and see if you have more energy.

Want to feel and look better? Sleep is one of the most important things moms can do for their overall health. So first and foremost,  make sleep a priority. No “trying to make it up on weekends” or staying up late watching your favorite show. The Real Housewives can wait! Here are the secrets you need to know….

 1. Make Sure You’re Healthy

Is there an underlying reason why you’re not sleeping well? Maybe. It’s always good to get these things checked out by your doctor and then you know that it’s well within your power to create a restful night of sleep, so start here.

2. Create A Peaceful Routine

We’re creatures of habit. We like routine. This calms the body and gets it ready for better sleep. Whether it’s a nightly routine where you brush your teeth and then read or tuck the kids in and then relax in the bath, a routine signals it’s time to go to sleep, so think about what makes sense for you and your family. Make sure it’s something you can do most nights.

3. No Spicy Or Heavy Food

I know it’s tasty, but spicy or heavy food can keep you up at night. It makes for a restless night, so stay away from the jalapeno peppers for dinner!

4. Skip Your Afternoon Caffeine Fix

Have your coffee in the morning, but skip that afternoon cup. Also, check the labels on your favorite midday drinks. Any that claim to give you a ‘boost’ in energy likely contain a stimulant. The effects of caffeine can last for 8-14 hours, making it hard to fall asleep at night. Give it a try and see if it helps.

5. Sleep In A Dark Room

Did you know even the soft blue glow from a cell phone, tablet, or digital clock on your nightstand next to your bed may hurt your sleep? 

6. A Warm Bath

A bath can be an excellent way to relax and unwind from a stressful day. Especially if you include some epsom salt [2] and a relaxing essential oil like lavender. Just be aware that taking a hot bath right before bed may make it harder to fall asleep as your body adjusts to the optimal temperature for sleep. Try to soak in the tub an hour or so before you plan on turning in for the night.

7. Unplug

This tip can’t be stressed enough! Unplug from all your devices about an hour before you want to go to bed. The light from the screen can make it harder for you to wind down and relax, plus it’s hard for your mind to relax if you’re still taking in information you need to process.

8. Try Aromatherapy

The scent of lavender essential oil [3] has noted benefits for sleep. It can reduce anxiety and emotional stress, helping you fall asleep better. Studies suggest that just a sniff can also lead to deeper sleep.

9. Eat Foods That Help You Sleep

It may sound crazy, but eat a few carbs at night. If possible, good carbs. Brown rice, quinoa or sweet potatoes can help you sleep well and not wake during the night.

10. Exercise

Get moving! The best news is that it doesn’t take much. Adding even just a few minutes of physical activity to your day can make a difference in your rest at night – plus, you’ll look better too!

Come learn The Secrets to Amazing Sleep! This list has the help you need to fall asleep more easily and wake rested and refreshed! #7 is a game changer!

More Tips to Sleep Well at Night

Here’s to a better nights sleep now that you have the Secrets to Amazing Sleep!

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