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Plan the Perfect Movie Themed Birthday Party

Plan the perfect movie-themed birthday party [1]

Movie Themed Birthday Party

Plan the Perfect Movie Themed Birthday Party

It’s sometime hard to come up with that “original” birthday idea for your youngster. How many times can you go to the bouncy, gymnastics or trampoline place and it still feel special and unique. For my daughter’s last birthday, we brainstormed ideas and come up with a movie-themed birthday party. She was into making movies on the iPad with her friends, so we thought…hey, let’s make it into a cool and interactive birthday!

A movie themed Birthday turned out to be the best idea! The kids really got into it. Here are some ideas to inspire your party…


There are usually some great invitation ideas at tiny prints [2] and Vistaprint [3] or an Evite [4] works well if you don’t want a printed invite….they have great predesigned templates.

Movie Themed Evite



It’s was fun to shop for the special details that made the movie theme come to life! Most of them came from Dollar Tree [5], so the decorations were pretty inexpensive! I got movie theatre style candy and made a candy bar with various jars and trays. Popcorn containers doubled as decorations as well. Small popcorn boxes were used for the goodie bags that the kids could take home.


We made a sign for the entryway announcing the birthday party and that it was the “VIP” entrance. We also ordered a red carpet online so that when the kids arrived it set the tone for an exciting event.




As we were waiting for the other kids to arrive, everyone got a movie character or celebrity taped on their back and they had to guess who they were by asking others questions about their character. Think, Taylor Swift, Elsa from Frozen, etc. The girls thought this was really entertaining and got into it way more than I thought they would!

Once everyone arrived, we divided into two teams ( about 4-5 per team) to each make a movie with iMovie on iPads. The birthday girl helped each team come up with their storyline from the idea given to the team. We gave them something to start with like Sleeping Beauty waking up in high school…then they could take it from there. It was super cute to watch them pick out characters and make their “story” come to life while making their movie.

Once it was filmed the girls went on to the next activity while my husband downloaded the videos to Vimeo [6] (with only minor technical difficulties) so that the girls could watch them on the big screen a little later. {Tip – make sure your iPad or recording device has enough memory to film a short movie!}

Party Treats

Each child was given some “play money” to visit the candy bar when it was time to go outside and sit at the VIP table to eat. We priced each item and they could spend until their money was gone. This way they got exactly what they wanted and it was really interactive…as well as a way to use their math skills! My daughter’s older brothers were working the “concession counter” and taking the money and handing out the treats.



One of the goodies for sale at the concession counter was mini cupcakes that looked like bags of popcorn. Adorable! The kids thought these were great. Movie-themed-birthday-party

These were homemade and turned out adorable! I found some cupcake papers [7] that matched our movie theme and colors and the popcorn topping was made from yellow marshmallows…they turned out better than I thought and really brought the whole theme together. {Tip – cutting the marshmallows for the top of the cupcakes will take longer than you think! They stick to your fingers!}


After snacks and treats, the kids got to go to the photo booth that we set up with cute props. For the backdrop we got different color tickets (again, found some at the Dollar Tree) and taped them to the wall so that the kiddos had something movie-themed to stand in front of. They had lot of props to choose from such as cowboys hats, boas, glasses, etc. so that they could make their pic as cooky as they wanted.


Take Home Goodies

Goodie popcorn boxes were handed out and then the guests were on their way!


My daughter thought this was a really fun {and original} way to celebrate her birthday and I hope you do too. Leave a comment about an original party theme you’ve tried!

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