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How to Make a Succulent and Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood wreaths add such warmth and charm to any space. This easy tutorial will show you how to make a succulent and boxwood wreath for your home.

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Learn how to make a Succulent and Boxwood Wreath. It's easy and adds such charm to any room. | DIY | How to make a faux wreath


How to make a Succulent and Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood wreaths are so simple, yet so pretty, I’d have one in every room, but they can be expensive. Not to mention if it’s made from real boxwood, it doesn’t last forever. This faux boxwood wreath is a wonderful alternative. It’s the perfect year round wreath!

With the addition of succulents and floral embellishments, it makes a gorgeous addition to your spring and summer decor without any maintenance or watering. You could change out the flowers for burlap and have a rustic look all year long. This wreath would make a lovely housewarming gift, too.

How to make a Succulent and Boxwood Wreath tutorial


How to make a Succulent and Boxwood Wreath supplies


Project Difficulty:  EASY

Step 1

Gather your supplies. Cut several 4-inch pieces of floral wire off the spool with wire cutters.

Step 2

Place first strand of boxwood garland over the wreath frame and push it between the metal grooves. Twist wire around the boxwood to attach it to the wire wreath. Continue around the wreath until the entire garland is attached completely to the wire frame. Repeat with the second boxwood garland.

Tip: Attach the boxwood garland with pre-cut wire about every 6” – 8” for a secure hold.

How to make a succulent and boxwood wreath wire frame

Step 3

Fluff out the boxwood garland so it hangs nicely and covers the metal wreath frame completely with no gaps or holes.

Step 4

Take scissors and cut apart the moss and tuck pieces around the boxwood garland. Attach the ends of moss strands with floral wire from the backside. Tuck some of the moss into the boxwood and let other pieces hang loosely.

How to make a Succulent and Boxwood wreath steps

Step 5

Cut long stems of succulents to fit into wreath without coming out the back side. Place the large succulents and florals in one of the bottom corners of the wreath. Position the remaining succulents and flowers in a triangular shape around the larger ones, and attach to the wire wreath from the back side with floral wire.

Step 6

For hanging the wreath, tie a small loop of twine to the top, center of the wire wreath.

Succulent and Boxwood Wreath

The project took about 15 minutes to assemble and could be customized with whatever succulents or flowers you’d like. I think it could easily be changed out with other flowers depending on the season.

Succulent and Boxwood Wreath - FB

So don’t spend a small fortune buying a pre-made boxwood wreath, make your own! This succulent and boxwood wreath would look elegant, yet rustic above your fireplace, on an interior or exterior door, leaning on a shelf or over a window.



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