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How To Easily Organize Cupboards and Shelves

How to Organize Cupboards and Shelves in your home with One Simple Product! It’s so easy – especially with pretty FREE printable labels!

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How to Organize All Your Cupboards and Shelves with One Simple Product

This is a guest post by Lamora Coons from Save Time Make Time [2]

How to Organize Cupboards and Shelves with One Simple Product! 

Average Americans waste 55 minutes every day [3] looking for things they know they own – but can’t find! Your  bedrooms, bathrooms, and maybe even a pantry and a garage all full of cupboards, cabinets, closets, and shelves. Your stuff is EVERYWHERE. How about a solution to Organize Cupboards and Shelves with one simple product?

And it can be much more complicated than “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place.”

Organizing and keeping everything easy to find can be daunting and time-consuming. So if your organization motivation has floated away on a magical umbrella, you could use this simple solution, my friend.

Organizing Solutions [4]

Kitchen Organization Before

This is how the cupboard above my kitchen sink looked before my organization solution. It held a bunch of small, hard to find things like vitamins, protein powder, band-aids, teething gel, cold medicine, neti-pots, and thermometers. And it was a disaster.How to Organize all Your kitchen cabinet or pantry with one simple product before

One night, before I organized this cupboard, my three-month-old baby woke up fussy and inconsolable. He is my third, so I knew to just calmly go through my troubleshooting check list.

Fed? check.

Clean diaper? Check.

Gassy? Burped, belly rubbed, and bicycle legs? Check.

Sick? Maybe he has a fever, maybe not, but I should at least rule it out.

So with my fussy baby in one arm I went to the cupboard where the thermometer was (somewhere) and reached up on tippy-toes to feel around for where it should be.

Next thing I knew, three bottles tumbled out, one nearly hitting the baby’s head but failed to miss my little toe. The other two splashed into the sink where I had left a crockpot to soak, so then we were both wet with gross chicken-taco-water. He was crying and I was on the verge.

Why!? I asked myself. Why is this cabinet such a disaster? I threw the bottles onto the counter and cleaned us both up.

After turning on more lights and putting my crying baby down before I finally found the darn thermometer. And when I actually checked his temperature? He didn’t have a fever. *sigh*

So is he teething? ah, crap. Where is the teething gel!?

It took another few minutes to find that and then I finally started to get my sweet baby settled.

I rocked him (and myself) to sleep in a chair, vowing to get that cupboard organized!

Kitchen Organization After

A couple of days later, I scoured the internet and found just the thing to help a disheveled tired parent, like myself, easily get her life together. [5]

The product is a Sterilite Flip-top bin.

They come in three sizes:

They come in multi-packs and trust me, you will find ways to use all of them (and more).

How to Organize all Your kitchen cabinet or pantry with one simple product after

Benefits of Organizational Storage Bins

Once you receive your order, it takes all of about 10 minutes to sort your mess of a kitchen cabinet and get everything organized.

Now I can reach up and pull out the thermometer (or anything else) without anyone crying. Yay! And, it is staying tidy because it is so easy to toss everything back in the bin and put it in the cabinet. Plus, my daily vitamins are not getting lost in the mix.

These bins are so versatile, I am able to use them to organize things quickly all over my house by following these 5 simple steps:

How To Use Storage Bins Around the House

How I use storage bins on shelves for my kids’ quiet play toys and art supplies:

How to Organize your closet with one simple product

These bins stack perfectly and my kids can easily take them out and put them away by themselves.

How to Organize your craft closet with one simple product

It’s brilliant, the flip-top style bins are great because my kids can’t lose the lids and my baby has no idea how to open them, thereby avoiding him chewing (or choking) on small items.

I also use them in my bathroom:

How to Organize under the bathroom sink cabinet with one simple product

Overall, I love the difference this organization solution makes to my morning routine because my makeup is in one place. It’s not left scattered all over the bathroom counter because it’s so quick to put everything back in the bin. Organization made easy!

Other Ideas To Organize Your Home

Storage bins are great in a garage or shed to organize garden seed packets or get the micro bins to store nails or screws.

This storage solution works perfectly in a pantry to store seasoning packets or small baking items like cupcake liners, sprinkles, and cookie cutters.

Pretty Labels for Storage Bins

To help you organize your cupboards and shelves, I created some pretty labels you can download and use for free. These labels are great to use on these bins or anywhere around your house!

Get organized Free Avery Labels Printable

Printable Label instructions:

  1. Download your label PDF of choice by clicking a link: Black and white [9] or Colorful Flowers [10].
  2. Open your PDF with Adobe Reader [11].
  3. Click on the highlighted blue area on a label and a cursor will appear.
  4. Delete the example text and write in your text.
  5. Print it out on an Avery sticker sheet [12] (compatible with Avery styles 22806, 22816, 22922, 22921, 22960, 80510) or Cardstock.
  6. Place sticker labels on all your bins or, if you used cardstock, cut out your labels and tape them on.
  7. Stand back and admire your organizational awesomeness. 🙂

My cabinets and shelves are now organized and I love not wasting time looking for stuff! What area of your home do you want more organized? Let us know in the comments!

Lamora Coons is an inspirational blogger who teaches her fellow moms how to have less frustrations at home and more time for their priorities. Subscribe to her blog [13]to access an entire library of free time-saving printables, and be first to know when new printables are added.









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