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Easter Ideas for Teens and Tweens

Come check out these clever Easter ideas for teens and tweens that are kid approved! Kids are never too big for fun holiday gifts!

Come check out these clever Easter ideas for teens and tweens that are kid approved! Kids are never too big for fun holiday gifts!

Easter Ideas for Teens and Tweens


My tweens and teens don’t believe in the Easter Bunny any more, but they never seem to be too big for fun holiday gifts! Here are several clever Easter ideas for teens and tweens that are kid approved!

If you have younger kids too. No problem! Click here if you need some Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Little Kids [1].

One of the easiest things to give teens or tweens is a GET OUT OF DOING A CHORE COUPON. Fits perfectly in their basket and costs you nothing!


Teen life revolves around electronics these days. Having power for their devices is always a safe bet for a gift. A Travel Charger [2] is compact, portable & stylish and perfect for long flights, road trips, or whenever your t(w)een needs to charge their iPhone, iPad, or other smart device.

 Gift Ideas for Teens and Tweens


Keep things easy. There are a million and one chargers around our house, that’s why this USB Charger Skin Wrap [3] is a hit. Everyone can always find their charger with no problem at all!

Gifts for teens and tweens [3]



My girls are getting into beauty products more and more. Especially if they smell good! Here are several items they’d love in their Easter Baskets…


How cute is this Pocket Bunny Mist [4] that smells amazing?

Easter ideas for teens and tweens [5]

Simple Cleansing Wipes [6] contain no artificial perfume or dyes and no harsh chemicals that can upset young skin.

Easter ideas for teens and tweens [6]


A Plush Microfiber Towel [7] that does double duty – a soft cleaning towel on one side, exfoliator on the other!


All natural Hempz Herbal Body Moisturizer [8] that contains Shea butter, ginseng and natural extracts help calm, soothe and condition your skin.



It may sound strange, but your tween or teen may actually want socks for gifts. Elite socks [9] are very popular for boys. They are comfortable, supportive athletic socks that come in several colors. I think my sons have enough to last them more than a month, but they’d still take more.

Gifts for Teens and Tweens

Girls love these comfy Cozy Fuzzy Socks [10]. My daughter loves to give them for gifts too!


  • Tipi Toe Women's 6-Pairs Patterned Or Solid Anti-Skid Soft Fuzzy Crew Socks, (sock size 9-11) Fits shoe size 6-9, FZ05-2 [10]

Art Supplies

Gifts that get your teen or tween using their creative side are always nice. Essential Gel Pens [11] are great pens to sketch, draw, color, doodle, write and get creative in a fun and skilled way.

Easter ideas for teens and tweens [11]


Coloring Books are a good bet. You could use this Super Cute  [12]Notebook Doodles : Coloring & Activity Book [12]with your gel pens!

Easter ideas for teens and tweens [12]


My boys are devouring the Cherub series [13]. Every night before they go to bed they read!! How awesome is that!


My Daughters are currently reading The Fablehaven Series [14] and Lemonade Wars [15]. My son’s read them and loved them too!




More Creative Easter Basket Ideas

And Finally, Some Great little items for Teens and Tweens Easter Baskets:

Enjoy your holiday!

Erin - Suburban Simplicity

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