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  1. Michelle says

    That’s so pretty Erin. I’m a big fan of the rustic look and the little box fits beautifully. Get you with nails, lol 😀 I often look at my nails in photos and think “eeeewww Michelle, really!!”

  2. Celeste says

    I love how you colored this black and not red or pink. You could definitely use it year round! Plus it’s perfect for adding a bit of greenery to your home at a time when all the other plants have gone into hibernation. It looks great!

    • Erin says

      Thanks, Celeste. I think it would totally work year round! I just saw something like this in a local shop for $50! So much easier (and cheaper) to make 🙂

  3. Kati says

    This is beautiful! And I don’t like to add too much pink and red so the rustic white is perfect. And it can stay out all year cause it doesn’t scream Valentines.

  4. Nikki Frank-Hamilton says

    I am a huge fan of a bit of rustic here and there, our home is more modern, clean lines, but I love placing interesting textures, and old wood in spots. This box would be perfect and I love that it doesn’t take much to create this lovely piece. The greenery is perfect with the moss and the delicate sweeping fronds! Love it!

  5. Charlotte says

    This is adorable! and not necessarily limited to valentines day either ( although a really sweet idea) I think I will make one for my nan to brighten up her conservatory! x

  6. Leanne says

    I love how Americans decorate their houses for every little occasion that comes their way. In Australia we just do Christmas (although -unfortunately- Halloween is catching on).Your box looks lovely and the lettering is particularly pretty (and definitely a nice change from pink hearts!)

    • Erin says

      Thanks for stopping by, Leanne. How funny, we American do like to decorate for the holidays! At least this DIY could be used year-round if you wanted to!

  7. Lynn says

    Good Morning ERin, first of all, I must comment on your ‘different polish on every finger’ look. Made me happy because those are some happy fingernails!
    On to your box, I am so impressed you have your Valentine together…I still have my Christmas wreath hanging! Yikes. In any event, what a great and simple project to spread some ‘love’ for the holiday.
    Thanks for the inspiration.


    • Erin says

      Hi Lynn – yeah, the fingernails were in rare form that day 🙂 My kids like me to decorate for the holidays, so I try to make things that fit our style – no matter the holiday. Thanks for checking out the project.

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