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Chocolate Trifle Recipes

Chocolate Trifle Recipes are so easy and so delicious with their layers of chocolate cake or brownies, pudding and cream. This classic layered dessert is a crowd pleaser!

Chocolate Trifle Recipes

Chocolate Trifle Recipes

Oh, how dreamy is a sweet, layered dessert! The combination of cake, brownie or cookies paired with creamy pudding and whipped topping is heavenly. They look so impressive, yet are so simple to make. Chocolate Trifle Recipes are something you need to pin on your dessert board because they are that good!

These layered desserts are so simple to assemble and require very little cooking or baking skills. How simple is that!!

These are great make-ahead desserts. Depending on your ingredients, they don’t get soggy overnight. The flavors tend to meld together and every bite becomes absolutely yummy!

So grab yourself a trifle dish [1] or use a few glasses or jars and let’s make a trifle.

How to Layer a Trifle

  1. Pick the right container. A straight-sided glass dish is best to see your beautiful dessert. If you don’t have a trifle dish, you can get creative. Use a clear glass bowl or cookie jar, or even a large, straight-sided vase. Just make sure the opening is wide enough to layer your ingredients.
  2. Start layering with your cake. Layering your trifle with your cake/brownie first gives it a nice base to build on.
  3. Layer 2:  The pudding and/or sauce. This will make sure the cake gets plenty of flavor. This is also where you add your fruit if using.
  4. Layer 3:  Add the whipped topping.  Homemade whipped cream is best, but cool whip also works.
  5. Create a second layer. If room, create another layer of ingredients to fill your container.
  6. Top with berries, chocolate or other ingredients. Finally, for color and flavor, finish off your trifle with a topping that wows. More fruit, toffee bits or chocolate shavings work well depending on your recipe.

So, there are really no set rules for making a delicious trifle. Just use your own personal taste to customize all those lovely layers!

Tips for Making a Trifle

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Chocolate Trifle Recipes

The best Chocolate Trifle Recipes to serve at any occasion!

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