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The Best Sugar Scrub Recipe

Here’s the Best Sugar Scrub recipe to make at home. An easy, inexpensive, and very luxurious DIY! Perfect for gift giving too!

Find tons of inspiration to make face and body scrubs with our easy Sugar Scrub Recipes [1]. If you need a lip exfoliating, try our Lip Scrub [2].

Lavender sugar scrub in jars with fresh lavender next to it.


The Best Sugar Scrub

So it’s hard to pick just one sugar scrub recipe [3] that is better than all the rest since they are soooo good, but we do love this Lavender Sugar Scrub for its simplicity. There are so many benefits to sugar scrubs [4] for your skin.

Lavender is one of the best essential oils for its wonderful therapeutic benefits like:


If you haven’t made a homemade sugar scrub, this is definitely one of the best!

It’s inexpensive and very easy to make.

Sugar Scrubs do wonders for dry, cracked skin because they exfoliate so well. Plus, they leave skin feeling silky smooth. They are especially good for feet, knees, and elbows. 

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Jar of homemade sugar scrub with a wooden spoon on top.

Materials Needed to Make the Best Sugar Scrub for Your Body

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How to Make a Lavender Sugar Scrub with Coconut Oil

1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup coconut oil (almond [9] or olive work best)
1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil [10]
15 drops lavender essential oil [11]

  1. Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix together. If need be, soften coconut oil in the microwave for a few seconds. You can add more or less oil to your liking.
  2. Store in an airtight container. Since this recipe doesn’t contain any synthetic preservatives, it’s best if it’s used within a month or two.


Tips for Making Body Scrubs


Lavender sugar scrub with free printable tags.

Video for How to Make a Lavender Sugar Scrub


Printable Tags for Your DIY Sugar Scrub

These Lavender Sugar Scrub printable tags [12] make giving your sugar scrub as a gift super simple! Slip-on a pretty ribbon or burlap string. Attach your tag, and voila you’ve got an irresistible present that everyone from friends to teachers to enjoy.

You can use this scalloped edge punch [13] to easily punch out the tags.

Free printable tags for sugar scrub [12]

How to Wrap a Sugar Scrub as a Gift

The best way to make your sugar scrub a gift or party favor is by tying a pretty ribbon or twine around the jar and attaching a tag.

The free printable tags [12] that come with this Lavender Sugar Scrub give the name of the scrub as well as for instructions for use.

two jars of homemade sugar scrub with a wooden spoon next to them. [12]

What Sugar to Use in a Sugar Scrub?

Great question!

Because it’s a little finer, so less abrasive, we use white sugar for facial or lip scrubs. Brown sugar, which is a bit more coarse, is best for body scrubs like this Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub [14]. Raw sugar, which is the coarsest sugar, is nice to use for hand and foot scrubs.

Here's the Best Sugar Scrub recipe to make at home.  An easy, inexpensive, and very luxurious DIY! Perfect for gift giving too!

How to Use Your DIY Sugar Scrub


If you’re short on time, massage the scrub all over your body and rinse during your normal shower routine.

SAFETY NOTE: Be careful while using your sugar scrubs on your feet while in the shower. The oils contained in scrubs can make your feet slippery.

Don’t forget to download your FREE PRINTABLE TAGS [12] for your Lavender Sugar Scrub!

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