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Benefits of Sugar Scrubs vs Salt Scrubs

Wondering the benefits of sugar scrubs vs salt scrubs? This article shares the pros and cons and when to use each one for best results.

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Wondering the benefits of sugar scrubs vs salt scrubs for your skin? This article shares the pros and cons and when to use each one for best results. 

Benefits of Sugar Scrubs vs Salt Scrubs

Both sugar and salt scrubs have a lot of benefits to them. Both exfoliate the skin leaving glowing soft skin behind. But, there are some differences to them that you should know so that you know when to use one over the other. The benefits of sugar scrubs vs salt scrubs depend on why you’re doing it and the condition of your skin. Let’s take a look at the differences dependent on the reason you’re using them.

Sugar is Gentler

Sugar granules are a lot smaller than salt granules and dissolve faster too. This means that for sensitive skin sugar is a much better choice over salt because you don’t want to cause abrasions to your skin by being too harsh with it. Since the particles are smaller in sugar it’s the best choice for delicate skin when compared to salt that has larger particles and dissolves slower.

Here is a great one to use in homemade sugar scrubs [2].

Sugar Scrub Recipes [3]

Sugar is Best for the Face

Due to the reasons mentioned above, the smaller particles make sugar easier on the delicate skin on your face. When you use a sugar scrub on your face you still want to be very gentle. Simply rub with your hands in small gentle circles without applying much pressure and let the sugar do its job. You don’t need to let it dissolve first either. Just rub it on, and off, and you’re done.

Natural Sugars are Less Drying

If you purchase a sugar scrub that is made from natural sugars, or make one yourself [3], it will contain minerals that are found in sugar cane that is good for your body. Along with the glycolic acid found in natural sugars, the minerals can be protective to your skin keeping toxins out.

Salt is Best for Callouses 

Even still there are reasons to use salt scrubs. If you have some rough dry areas on your elbows, knees, and heels then a salt scrub can help remove these tough spots easier than sugar scrubs. However, salt scrubs should never be used on your face or any other delicate areas.

Salt Kills Bacteria & Reduces Inflammation

In addition to being courser and removing hard calloused skin better than sugar scrubs, salt scrubs can also help kill bacteria. Plus, used on the skin, salt can help reduce inflammation. The inflammatory properties of salt are what makes soaking in Epsom salt [4] is so good for you. Plus, some salts have mineral compounds that are good for you too such as Dead Sea Salts. But remember, you can get the benefits of a salt scrub without scrubbing but by soaking instead. Try this DIY Bath Salt Recipe and see for yourself [5]!

The best thing to do is use each scrub as directed. Even some sugar scrubs are designated for the body, not the face. Do not apply harsh pressure, and don’t do it every day. Once a week is the most you want to use any type of salt or sugar scrub. But for the gentlest scrubs choose natural sugar scrubs that contain natural ingredients. In other words, read the labels or make your own sugar scrub [3].

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