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Must Have Back to School Organizing Tips

Must have Back to School Organizing Tips. Make the start of your new school year more enjoyable and productive with this helpful organization advice!

Must have Back to School Organizing Tips. Make the start of your new school year more enjoyable and productive with this helpful organization advice!

Back to School Organizing Tips

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost time for the kids to go back to school. The long lazy days of summer are coming to an end even though it doesn’t quite feel like it yet!  After all, it’s still warm outside and daylight until well after dinner.

These back to school organizing tips will help you and your kids make the start of your new year more enjoyable and productive.

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1.) Ensure You Have the Right Supplies

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Don’t go out and buy a bunch of stuff until you know for sure what’s on your child’s school supply list, but in general, all kids need to have a backpack [3], lunchbox [4], pens, pencils and so forth. So, make sure they have the basics.

Pencils in pencil jar [5]

Go through last year’s supplies to see if anything is still usable or repairable. Wait for the list to buy other supplies because sometimes what you think is right is wrong. For example, if your child’s teacher wants a certain calculator but you already bought one, you may be on the hook for two.

Back to School Organization with Post-It Notes

It’s best if you choose the right gear for your kids instead of trying to make do with something that just doesn’t work. For example, some brands of crayons simply don’t work well compared to the name brand. Even though they’re less expensive they just don’t work as well or have the best colors.

You’ll be saving money in the long run if you wait for the list and then buy only what’s needed.

2.) Declutter

Over the summer holiday, it’s easy for rooms to become disorganized and things scattered about. But, at least a couple weeks before school starts, get the kids on a decluttering ritual of throwing out things they won’t use anymore and donating things that are in good condition, but they’ve outgrown.

It can help to give the older children a donation container and a trash bag. Tell them you’re going to donate usable items in one week. Then let them do it themselves.

For younger kids show them how to do it and set it up for them. Toss out torn clothing, mismatched socks, single socks, holey socks and so forth. Put the outgrown clothing in the donation container and the trash in the trash bag.

3.) Organize Clothing for a Full Week

The week before school begins, set up and organize your kid’s clothing for a week. Then make this a habit for every weekend. Older kids can do this own their own, but younger ones may need help. Use hanging canvas organizers in the closet [6] that has at least five shelves. Label them for the days of the week, then fold and set the entire outfit into each square.

Put play clothing in the drawers and on other hangers. This way, for example, your child can just look in Wednesday’s square and not have to give it any thought.


Bonus Tip – If you know what your child’s schedule is at school and what the weather is going to be like, you’ll be able to better plan their attire.

4.) Get Used to The Routine

Don’t wait until the last moment to start getting ready for back to school. It’s easy for the first day of school to sneak up on you and your children.

Slowly start adjusting dinnertime, bath time and sleep schedules so that by the time school starts everyone is used to the routine – no one is passing out right after lunch or finding it hard to pay attention during morning math class!

It can help to buy blackout curtain or shades [7] for bedrooms to help make it darker earlier so that your child wants to go to sleep easier.

5.) Set Up Your Center of Operations 

To do this you’ll need some supplies like a cork board [8], a filing cabinet [9], vertical wall files [10] or wall pockets [11], and a pen holder [12]. If you get a metal filing cabinet you can also use that as your bulletin board by using magnets to hold information there.

You’ll need at least two wall pockets to create an “in” and “out” box for papers that need to be signed and taken back to school.

Put up a white board calendar [13] that shows what everyone is doing and when at a glance. Give everyone a different color marker to add their own information when they’re old enough. Instruct your kids to put papers that need to be signed in the “in” box, and then you can sign them and put it in the outbox for your children to pick up.

Use the filing cabinet to file important papers and documents that your children may need or even things you just want to keep such as artwork or papers.


6.) Create a Designated Kid’s Breakfast and Snack Area

Depending on the size of your kitchen, this could be a drawer or shelf in the pantry.  Ideally it wouldn’t be in the way while you’re cooking.  Fill it with wholesome food items so kids can serve themselves so you can focus on the bigger tasks of the day!

7.) Make On The Go Bags

Pack small bags to keep in your car so you always have what you need. Here are some examples that will make life a lot simpler:


Using these back to school organizing tips will reduce the stress you and your children feel about the end of summer. You will all be excited about what the new year holds as you set up your command center and get everything ready for the first day!

Bonus Tip – Don’t forget to take a pic of of the kids on the first day of school.  This is a tradition for us.  Here are some ideas to make it memorable [14]!

What are your back to school traditions? How do you stay organized?


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