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50 Things to do While Waiting to Pick Up Kids

Feel like you waste a lot of time while waiting for your kids? Check out this list of 50 Things To Do While Waiting to Pick Up Kids. Feel Productive!50-Thing- to-do- while-waiting-for-kids

50 Things to do While Waiting to Pick Up Kids

Do you often find yourself with idle time while waiting to pick the kids up from school or activities? I do…and I like to feel productive if all possible. Here’s a list of 50 things you could do while waiting for your children so that you can be productive too!

Some require a little planning ahead, but others could be done right on your smartphone.

1. Take your computer – work
2. Read a good book
3. Skim through a magazine
4. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea
5. Clean out your email or texts
6. Paint or file nails
7. Meditate 🙂
8. Clean the car
9. Chat with a friend
10. Order dinner for the family
11. Plan your week
12. Do some sitting exercises (your bottom will thank you 🙂
13. Make appointments
14. Do online banking
15. Brainstorm blog posts 😉
16. Set your DVR
17. Donate to your favorite cause
18. Read The Skimm [1]
19. Check traffic
20. Write thank-you notes
21. Make your shopping list
22. Shop online
23. Order your groceries
24. Plan your vacation
25. Check your child’s grades
26. Get out and walk
27. Daydream
28. Pin on Pinterest [2]
29. Plan your outfit for the next day
30. Balance your checkbook
31. Nap
32. Send your hubby a love note (I like to send one every day)
33. Make your Christmas list
34. Hydrate
35. Listen to an audio book
36. Check social media
37. Enjoy a healthy snack
38. Stretch
39. Sew or needlepoint
40. Listen to music
41. Write in your journal
42. Search iTunes or Amazon music [3]
43. Research your next book to read
44. Respond to invites and Evites [4]
45. YouTube
46. Draw
47. Read the paper
48. Plan playdates
49. Set goals for yourself and family
50. Sing – even if somebody’s watching 🙂

Getting more time in your day is never easy, so besides being as productive as possible while I wait, one other thing I do is have the Kids Make Their Own Lunches [5].

If you want to be more productive around the house –  read my tips for how I get more time in my day!

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What do you like to do while you wait for your kids?


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