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11 Simple Organization Tips for Busy Families

Looking for some help keeping your family organized? These 11 Simple Organization Tips for Busy Families include smart strategies and clever shortcuts to help you waste less time and get more done.

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Looking for some help keeping your family organized? These 11 Simple Organization Tips for Busy Families include smart strategies and clever shortcuts to help you waste less time and get more done. #5 made a huge difference in our house.

Organization Tips for Busy Families

Keeping a busy family organized is a ton of work! I know, with 4 kids going in every different direction, work commitments, spending time with family and friends, church and volunteering, it leaves little time for cleaning and organizing the house.

Paperwork piles up, the to-do list grows, dirt lurks in the corners, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Believe me, I don’t have perfectly organized cupboards or labels on everything, I try to stick to easy solutions that make a difference.

Through the years, I found a few shortcuts that help get things done and keep things pretty organized. By no means have I mastered keeping up with it all, but these little tricks help me stay on top of things, so I don’t feel like I’m drowning.

Try these simple strategies that will help you waste less time and get more done!


  1. Make lists and Keep a Calendar – There is no way you can be productive if you don’t have a road map! Make a list of your to-dos and prioritize them. Keep a calendar of family appointments and activities.
  2. Shred papers when you bring in the mail – Paper accumulates. Get rid of it right as you bring it in the house. Have a shredder where you sort the mail and you’ve eliminated touching it more than once! You can read Home Office Organization: What to Keep [2] for more information on organizing paperwork.
  3. Send out birthday cards once a month – At the beginning of the month check your calendar and buy cards and gifts once. Address and mail them all at one time. Yes, some will get their card/gift early, but better early than not at all.
  4. Keep a couple of gift cards [3] on hand – This way, when your child is invited to a party and you’ve forgotten to purchase a gift, you’re covered. They work well for teacher gifts or thank you gifts as well.
  5. Have a place for everything – Clutter and misplaced items happen when everything doesn’t have a place. Designate a place for backpacks, school work, mail, coupons, library books to return, etc. This way you know where to find things and they don’t mess up the house.
  6. Don’t keep magazines – Magazines and newspapers pile up quickly. Tear out relevant articles and inspirational photos. Then discard.
  7. Keep cleaning supplies in a transportable container [4] – When it’s time to clean, you can just grab it and go! Kids like this one too because it’s easy.
  8. Create a homework station – Designate a space for homework. Keep all the supplies your student will need in that area, so no time is wasted looking for pens, pencils, calculators, etc.
  9. Stockpile basic school supplies – Buy a few extra pencils and pens and keep some paper on hand. Imagine, you won’t need to make any last minutes trips to the store when an assignment is due.
  10. Make labels for storage containers – It’s so much easier and time-saving to know what’s in your storage containers. When you need anything, you know where to find it.
  11. Downsize and purge – Get rid of stuff you don’t use. Throw out old shampoo bottles, lipsticks, and skincare products that are crowding bathroom cabinets and drawers. Keep only what you use. Save some time in the morning by not sifting through old, unused items. Do the same thing in your closet so you only have what you need and like. 

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Are you a printable gal? Then here’s a list of several resources for free printables that will help with organization in all aspects of your life – from holidays to packing for vacation and everything in between.

With these organization tips for busy families hopefully, you will uncover a little time extra time and be able to do something for yourself! “Me” time is important to recharge so you’re an even better mom, wife, and home manager.

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Life is Busy! Here are 11 Simple Time Saving Tips for Busy Families that will help you get more time for the things you love. | Free Printable [8]

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