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10 Quick and Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

Try these quick and easy ways to simplify your life. They’re practical and doable and can make a world of difference for a more peaceful and happy life.

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10 Quick and Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

Managing life and a busy family is a lot of work! Try some of these smart strategies and clever tips for when it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day and you just want to simplify!

1. Turn off notifications. Easy, but important. You certainly don’t need an email or alert every time someone tweets or follows you. You don’t need an email every time someone mentions you on Facebook. Decide the things that ARE important for you to know, and turn off all other notifications!

2. Close email, Twitter, and Facebook. When working on a project, close your social media or other windows/tabs that are open. They constantly distract you from what you are doing. Focus on the issue at hand. Most claim to be multi-taskers, but research shows focusing on one thing makes you more efficient.

3. Clean as you Go. This is a time-saver! Clean up and put away things as you go. Don’t leave it for later. Teach your children to do the same. If possible, your spouse, too! Try these 2-minute cleaning ideas [1].

4. Take care of book bags, school papers, and mail as soon as you and the kids get home. Sign important papers, get homework done, and get everything back in their school or your work bags. Then, place bags in a designated area so you’re ready for the next day.

5. Get ruthless about throwing stuff away, and teach your kids to do the same. Also, be thoughtful about what you let in the house in the first place. Here’s a resource so you know what important papers to keep and for how long [2].

6. Have kids help with chores and cleanup – Kids are capable of helping around the house, starting at a young age. Create a chore chart and have them pitch in. Research suggests they tend to have higher self-esteem if given responsibilities around the house.

7. Get ready for morning the night before – Breakfast, lunch, backpacks, homework, etc. can all be organized and laid out for the next day.

8. Create a schedule for your kids.  Work to keep them on it, including a reasonable bedtime. You’ll all be better off.

9. Turn your computer off an hour earlier and GO to bed yourself. A simpler life includes taking better care of you! Better sleep [3] is part of that.

10. Keep ingredients for a few easy and healthy meals [4] in your pantry so you’re always prepared. Also, consider meal-planning [5] – it’s a game-changer!

Simplicity @ Home

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How To Make It Happen

Old habits can be hard to break. It’s important set aside a bit of time each day to foster the habits necessary to maintain these Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life so eventually they will become second nature for the whole family – and your household will run so much smoother!

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